Services We Offer:

Group Classes

  • PIYO - FREE CLASS on 9/24/14 - please bring your yoga mat if you have one
  • Les Mills BODYCOMBAT™ - FREE Filming class
  • FREE Kickstart Weight Loss Workshop
  • PIYO Express - Please bring your yoga mat if you have one.
  • Feeding a Healthy Family– A meal by meal approach to satisfy your picky eaters and nourish your busy family.
  • Les Mills BODYCOMBAT™
  • Freedom From Fear Fundraiser - FREE Kickboxing Class!
  • Yogaflow & Wine Tasting with Pour Wine Bar & Bistro - Pay in online store or in office
  • 50/50 Express!
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Anytime Fitness

Affordable membership dues

It doesn't cost a lot to achieve your fitness goals at Anytime Fitness. With awesome equipment and the support and encouragement from our club staff, you get far more than you would expect for the price. Monthly dues for Anytime Fitness clubs are generally less expensive than:

  • The average monthly cell phone bill.
  • The average price for a haircut and style.
  • A daily cup of designer coffee throughout the month.

Talk about affordable! With all the ways you can spend your hard-earned money, a membership at Anytime Fitness is a real bargain. And you're worth it!

In addition to our low-cost memberships, your club may offer discounts in the form of reimbursement programs. For example, your health insurance provider or place of employment may subsidize your monthly dues based on the number of times you workout each month. Check with each club for details!

As each Anytime Fitness club is independently owned and operated, we encourage you to contact the club of your choice for specific pricing information. A visit to the club will help you learn even more.

inFIT Kids

inFIT Kids' FITKare programs are FLEXIBLE and CONVENIENT. You do not need to commit to weeks of classes to participate in FITKare. You can choose to bring your child when it is convenient for you and for your child. Unsure where to start? Read the Frequently Asked Questions, check out the program descriptions and schedule. If you have additional questions, please give us a call or email us!




For only $2/child/hour you can bring your child while you workout. This on-site rate is only available when the parent is participating in an inFIT class or training session or working out at Anytime Fitness of Albertville.

While you are working out, have the peace of mind that your kids, no matter their age, are being stimulated and having fun. We don't just let them play and supervise them... not at inFIT Kids! inFIT kids have fun with structured activities that involve their minds and bodies.


You do not need to stay on-site for your child(ren) to participate in inFIT Kids programs ~ you can drop off your child(ren) and go! Have some time to relax or run errands knowing that your kids are participating in a safe, effective and fun fitness program!

Drop-off and go for only $6 per child per hour session. Kids of all ages (even babies benefit from the visual and muscial stimulation) will be learning how to be FIT, team building, coordination, balance, stamina and more.


inFIT Kids' FITKare programs are FLEXIBLE and CONVENIENT. You do not need to commit to weeks of classes to participate in FITKare. You can choose to bring your child when it is convenient for you and for your child. Unsure where to start? Read the Frequently Asked Questions, check out the program descriptions and schedule. If you have additional questions, please give us a call or email us!



New to inFIT Kids & FITKare? - Welcome! Please take a moment to read through this information.

When you bring your child for their first FITKare class, please bring their completed forms with you; these forms are required! You can ask for the necessary forms from any FITKare staff member. Please fill them out completely, sign them and bring them with you! It will save you time at check-in!

Reserve a Spot! - Sign-up online!  Go to the FitKare Calendar and click on "Sign-Up" under the class you would like to sign your child/ren up for. After you enter your children’s names and birthdates, you can enter in the appropriate information, select the child that you would like to sign up, and your child's name will appear on the schedule. It's that easy! Reservations are accepted on a first-come basis. The site will display "class full" if the maximum attendance is reached.

Sign-Up Policy! - Please sign-up at least 2 hours prior to class time so that we can ensure adequate staffing! If there at not any children signed up 2 hours prior to start time, the class is automatically canceled. Please make sure you sign-up ahead of time!

Class Sizes - The inFIT Kids maximum number of children is 30. Our minimum number for FITKare is one! If there is at least one child signed up, FITKare will be open. In order to keep our costs low, if there are not any children signed up 2 hours prior to a FITKare time, that hour of FITKare will be cancelled. Make sure to sign up online at least 2 hours in advance!

Drop-In - Reservations are not required, as we try to accommodate all schedules, however we strongly recommend you give at least 2 hours notice! Keep in mind that if you do not reserve a space we cannot guarantee a spot for your child(ren) or that class is being held. We do limit class size (or call in more FITKare Team Members if they are available) to ensure safety.

inFIT Kids Fitness Classes - inFIT Kids Fitness Classes are fun, educational, and full of fitness. At inFIT Kids, we want kids to get excited about fitness. Benefits of these classes include increased coordination, balance, strength and flexibility, confidence and teamwork. These classes will also include safety rules, expectation of the children and many fun fitness activities. Sign your child/ren up for these on FITKare Calendar as well.


Class Fees

FITKare On-Site - On-site means that mom or dad (or both!) is participating in an inFIT class, training session, or at Anytime Fitness of Albertville. FITKare classes are 1.00 FITKare credit ($2) each per child.

FITKare Off-Site - Off-site means that your child is onsite and you may go! Take this time to run errands, go for a bike ride, or out to dinner and a movie! Classes are $6 per child per hour. Sign up each additional child.

inFIT Kids Fitness Classes – Kids Fitness Classes are 2.5 credits each ($5). Sign up in advance online or by emailing Shannon at


Cancellation Policy for FITKare

While we understand that kids can become sick rather quickly, we would appreciate it if you would cancel your reservation at least 2 hours in advance.  If an emergency arises, please contact 


Class Policies for FITKare

Class Ratios - Our class ratio is approximately 8 kids to one staff, depending on ages! If you are not signed up and you have not called to reserve your space, you may not be able to bring your child. Please get in the habit of signing up and giving us as much notice as possible so that we can ensure safe ratios!

Sick Policy - If your child has vomited or had a fever over 99 degrees within 24 hours, please cancel your reservation and do not bring your child! Help us to avoid spreading viruses during the upcoming winter season.

Diapers - Please remember to leave your diaper bags with diapers and wipes in the entry cubbies. If you forget a diaper and we must change your child, there is a $1 diaper fee.

Food and Beverages - We provide water for your children. If you want to bring their own sippie cup, that is fine, but WATER ONLY! Please make sure you kids have their snacks before class, as we do not offer snack time due to food allergy safety. This policy does not apply to bottle fed infants, you may bring their formula or breast milk and the staff will feed them based on your request.

Late Pick-Up - Please arrive on-time to pick up your child from class. If you are using FITKare and you are off-site, please make sure to pick up on time! If you are more than 5 minutes late, you will be charged for the next class. If it is the last class of the shift, you will be charged $1 per minute for keeping the staff over their scheduled time. We do not like to have to enforce this policy, so please be on-time! This does not apply to parents that are on-site in a group exercise class or training as we know the instructor or trainer may be running you over; however, please be respectful and pick up your child right away when you are finished.